Unions and State Economies: Don’t Believe the Hype – Atlantic Mobile


This research shows that unionized states are better off economically than non-unionized states. Unionization is also directly correlated with highly educated workforces and knowledge based economies. But, does not appear to mitigate against economic inequality or protect against unemployment.



One thought on “Unions and State Economies: Don’t Believe the Hype – Atlantic Mobile

  1. The south is still suffering from a Slavery hangover. Too many still feel that others should do work for them for little to no compensation. devaluing others work/time/contribution is based in a belief that some people are better than others and deserve more and are justified in taking wealth created by those who are lessor than.

    All wealth is born out of labor, by taking the wealth created by others you are stealing. Stealing builds mistrust as well as animosity. Today’s Crony Capitalism demands theft from the majority in order to enrich a few.

    Our social beliefs about work and our practice of Crony Capitalism are the reasons we have the worst income disparity in the world when compared to all the other so called 1st world Nations.

    All work must be respected no matter how simple, and all workers must reap the majority of benefits from their own labor. Unions allow workers to better see and understand their own contribution to the whole. Unions allow workers to better negotiate back some of their wealth creation. Unions allow a seat at the table and give rise to negotiators who have a vested interest in the betterment of the workers they represent because they are also a worker themselves.

    Someday in the far off future our economy may morph and evolve into a more fair and just market that has the mechanisms and policies in place to ensure fairness and equality. Until then, we have no choice but to pursue the solutions available to us in this two worlds economy. One world being the owners looking to capitalize on others labor to their maximum benefit, and the second world being the workers who are trying to keep as much of their wealth as possible from being taken from them.

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