GOOD Mobile | What is the Purpose of School in the 21st Century

This video of George Carlin and this article from GOOD Mobile discuss the same topic and ask the same question, does the American education system produce workers or leaders?

Link to the GOOD Mobile article here:


Growth in the ‘Sand States’ – Businessweek


Article from business week reporting that Florida is one of the states leading in job growth.  The article reports that the growth is helping the tourism industry in Florida.  What the article doesn’t say is that the jobs created in Florida pay significantly less than the jobs that were lost.  The article does acknowledge that the states reported on, including Florida, still lead the nation in unemployment.

Also, see this Article from the Miami Herald reporting Jackson Hospital has decided to lay off 1,100 employees.

And, this Article from the Jacksonville Daily Record reporting on increase in online job postings:

Lynn Szymoniak, Foreclosure Victim, Receives $18 Million For Investigating Mortgage Crisis


Lynn Szymoniak on 60 Minutes

Article from the Huffington Post with more information about Lynn Szymoniak, including the following video from her appearance on 60 min.  Lynn, a Florida attorney, filed a whistle blower lawsuit and will be paid $18 million as part of the recent settlement with several banks accused of mortgage fraud. The article includes a CBS 60 minutes video interview with Ms. Szymoniak.

Previously, I posted videos on this blog and my law office blog of Lynn explaining securitized mortgages and mortgage document fraud.